Владимир Кара-Мурза: «Я вижу, что он продолжает сближать людей даже сейчас»

Фильм «НЕМЦОВ» в США

The Corner National Review
Boris Nemtsov’s Legacy Haunts Putin’s Russia
by Nat Brown May 24, 2017. New York, USA

A new documentary on the liberal opposition figure shines a light on his achievements.

Amidst the hundreds of Russia-related headlines saturating the current U.S. media landscape, it was almost inevitable that a small but significant one of them would go almost unnoticed. On May 13, the U.S. Senate came one step closer to renaming the Washington, D.C., street on which the Russian embassy is located after one of the Kremlin’s most vocal critics: the late Boris Nemtsov.

Nemtsov, who once served as Boris Yeltsin’s deputy prime minister and was one of the most important liberal political figures in 1990s Russia, ended his life a steadfast opponent of Vladimir Putin and his authoritarian regime.
On February 27, 2015, he was shot to death by a car full of assassins while walking home across a Moscow bridge mere yards away from the Kremlin.

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Olga Lekhtonen wrote at 22.03.2015 «This is only about God. Because what really matters here is truth, and truth cannot be slain, even by four bullets to the back. »

Well, after getting enough sleep I finally feel ready to relate what has happened.

It was all great. About 150 people came to the memorial. They were zealous and ready to work as one big team. There were no excuses offered, there was no hesitation.It was as if they’d always been doing this job. After we had lit the candles , we set the sign with the words ‘Nemtsov Bridge’. The sign is blue, as everything in sight on Moscow’s buildings must be this color.

I’d give anything just for there no longer to be a reason to hang the sign. I’ve still got a book on Yaroslavl sitting on my shelf. On the bridge there’s still in place something we call a mourning calendar, which counts the days since Boris was murdered. I still remember how I felt when I first saw our duty gyus removing the flowers from the memorial. I was totally devastated. What I saw has been eating me ever since. In any case, I’ve overcome my fear and found my courage. I’ve always had to find strength within myself.22.03.2015.most

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